I’m Thom Chiovoloni. Currently, I’m a Rust programmer at Ockam. I used to work at Mozilla, and also worked at Cloudflare for a brief period of time. I used to do gamedev, but I probably haven’t worked on anything you’ve heard of.

I decided to make a rust-lang blog mostly because I felt that I could ramble about stuff enough to keep it updated at least with occasional frequency. It’s aimed at devs with a pretty good handle on Rust, so probably not beginners (but maybe if they’re familiar with other langs).

I’ve been working in Rust full time for a while now, maintain a number of crates, some of which you might use. As a result, I’ve decided to opinion-dump into this blog when I find time.

I also go by some other names, mostly thomcc (mostly on Github), tcsc (these are my initials, but I tend to use them as a username on IRC servers), or zuurr (on the low hum of a resonating cathode ray, and discord).

If you want to email me, chiovolonit on gmail. So yeah, hi 👋.

Oh, one last thing: Unless otherwise stated, the code that I’ve written for this blog are available under the public domain, or (if that’s not possible where you live and/or desirable for your project) tri-licensed under whichever you prefer of CC0, MIT, Apache-2.0. Feel free to use them in your projects, or not.